First-Year Composition: Media and Disability (ENG 110) – Fall 2007, Winter 2008, Spring 2008

[ Spring 2008 syllabus ] [ Design notebook project ]

I taught ENG 110 for three quarters, each in a hybrid classroom environment. During Fall 2007 and Winter 2008, I used the curriculum provided by the First-Year Writing program and modified it to suit my course theme (media and disability). During Spring 2008, I worked with FYW and Digital Media Project Staff to implement a new, pilot assignment, called the analytical design notebook (see link above).

Introduction to Disability Studies (ENG 277) – Fall 2009, Spring 2010

[ Spring 2010 blog ] [ Spring 2010 syllabus ] [ Blog carnival project ]
[ Disability studies jeopardy ]

ENG 277 is a core course in the interdisciplinary minor in Disability Studies. During the first half of the course, students read a series of short, theoretical texts that positioned disability in myriad ways (social, medical, political, cultural, etc.). Students then applied these critical concepts to literary, popular, and digital representations of disability throughout the second half of the course. During spring 2010, I taught 277 in a computer-mediated environment, and students were responsible for keeping their own blogs, as well as participating in a blog carnival project (see link above).

Thematic Approaches to Literature: Authoring Autism (ENG 275) – Fall 2010

[ Class blog ] [ Syllabus ] [ PSA project ]

Each year, the Department of English holds a “teach your dream course” contest — funded through the departmental teaching award — and invites graduate students to submit course ideas. I won the Fall 2010 slot for Authoring Autism, a course that focuses on popular and literary representations of autism and autistic people. For their final project, students are partnering with the Central Ohio chapter of the Autism Society of America to complete 60- to 90-second video PSAs.

Technical Writing (ENG 305) – Summer 2009

[ Syllabus ] [ Group web design project ]

The primary objective of English 305 is to help students communicate more effectively in a wide range of business and professional settings, with emphases on document design and presenting technical information in written documents. I taught 305 in a computer-mediated environment over a five-week summer term. Students composed several short documents; proposed and completed their own self-defined, field-specific projects; and, for their final assignments, collaborated on a mock web design project for an imaginary company and completed a usability analysis of a “competitor” website.

Language, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience: Digital Documentary (ENG 367) – Winter 2010

[ Class blog ] [ Syllabus ] [ Documentary project ] [ Visual rhetoric activity ]

ENG 367 is a writing-intensive, workshop-based course designed to foster students’ development as active writers, speakers, and thinkers within their communities. Class readings, discussions, and writing assignments were designed to build upon the foundation established in English 110 (First-Year Composition) in order to support more sophisticated rhetorical analysis and practice. This particular section of 367 focused on documentary film and took place in a hybrid classroom environment. In addition to formal essays and informal writing, students produced their own short documentary films.

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