Web projects

Over the past 15 years, I have worked on a number of web design and web management projects across editorial, scholarly, and activist domains. Below is a sampling of my more recent endeavors.

Computers and Composition Digital Press: I have served on the editorial staff of the CCDP and co-managed its web presence since 2007. During that time, I have designed numerous press artifacts, including book promo materials and digitally-born calls for papers.

Composing Access: A joint project between the Committee for Disability Issues in College Composition and the CCDP. I serve as the web manager for Composing Access, which curates resources on accessibility, conference presentations, and digital publications.

Multimodality in Motion: I designed this collaboratively-authored webtext, published in Kairos in 2013.


Accessing digital rhetoric: Sh*t academics say
Written for the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative’s blog carnival on digital rhetoric, this essay explores the ways in which disability identity diminishes (my) academic ethos. Also featured in the post is the below video, of the sh*t people say meme variety, which I filmed and produced at the 2012 Digital Media and Composition Institute.


I Stim, Therefore I Am
I created this video as part of the Loud Hands Blog-Around, a digital campaign that curated a series of Autistic cultural texts. This video is both a poem and a stimfest, a project that examines in/voluntary impulses and what it means to remain visible.


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